1. How to connect to Plaid?

You can follow the following steps to build a connection with your Plaid account. If you need any helps to set up your integration, please contact us.

1. Go to the Resources page and click the Add Resource button.

2. In the "Select a data source" step, select Plaid under Apps.

3. In the "Configure the data source" step, enter the following information:

  • Client ID: the client ID of your Plaid account. See here to find your client ID.

  • API Key: The value of the access token generated. See here to get an access token.

  • Access Token: The value of the access token generated. See here to get an access token.

  • Environment: the environment of your access token (production, development, or sandbox). See here to check your environment.

4. In the "Select the tables", choose tables that you want to connect. See here for more details on each table.

2. How to get an API Key for Plaid?

To allow Acho to connect to your Plaid account, you have to acquire the client ID, an API key, and an access token. Here are the instructions about how to acquire it.

a. Create a Plaid account:

Go to Plaid's website and click Get API Keys. Follow the instructions to create an account.

b. Get Client id and API key:

Go to the keys page and you will find the client id and your API Key. You can copy the API key from one of the following environments (Production, Development, and Sandbox) and paste it to Acho's configuration page.

c. Create an Access Token:

You have to create a public token key first and then you can create an access token.

  • Create a public key: Make this API call described in plaid docs

      curl --location --request POST '' \
          --header 'Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-16' \
          --data-raw '{
              "client_id": "<your-client-id>",
              "secret": "<your-sandbox-api-key>",
              "institution_id": "ins_43",
              "initial_products": ["auth", "transactions"]
  • Exchange public key for an access token: Make this API call described in plaid docs. The public token used in this request is the token returned in the response of the previous request. This request will return an access_token, which is the last field we need to generate for the config for this source!

If you need helps to create the access token, please contact us.

3. How to set up Data Sync?

Acho supports creating schedulers to retrieve the latest data from your Plaid account at a certain time interval. To see more details, you can visit here.

4. Available Tables

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