1. Connect to Pipedrive

2. Select Pipedrive.

3. Enter your account credentials and click Connect.

  • API Token: The Pipedrive API Key is used for authentication. Visit Pipedrive to get the Access Token. For details, see this.

  • Start Date: Retrieve data starting from this date. The date should be in the format of YYYY-MM-DD in UTC.

4. Select the tables you want to import. If there are any additional required forms or fields, make sure to provide the necessary information to proceed.

5. Click the Test button to validate the connection and preview the connected data.

6. Click Create Resource to finalize the setup. You will be automatically redirected to the resource page, where you can find your newly connected resource displayed at the top.

2. Get API token from Pipedrive

This connector supports only authentication with API Token. To obtain API Token follow the instructions below:

Enable API:

  1. Click Manage users from the left-side menu.

  2. Click on the Permission sets tab.

  3. Choose the set where the user (who needs the API enabled) belongs to.

  4. Lastly, click on "use API" on the right-hand side section (you need to scroll down a bit).

    Now all users who belong in the set that has the API enabled can find their API token under

    Settings > Personal Preferences > API in their Pipedrive web app.

See Enabling API for company users for more info.

How to find the API token:

  1. Account name (on the top right)

  2. Click Personal preferences

  3. Click API

  4. Copy API Token

See How to find the API token for more info.

3. Available Tables

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