How it works

Acho allows you to connect to your PagerDuty account and retrieve incidents data via API. You can combine PagerDuty with other data sources and turn it into desired data application, such as dashboards or searchable databases.


The PagerDuty integration requires an admin role in order to authorize the account. If you are not an admin, please reach out to an admin or account owner within your organization to configure the integration for you.


If you need any help getting the PagerDuty integration up and running, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at

Integration Walkthrough

In PagerDuty

There are two types of API Keys in PagerDuty. You can use either of them to set up the connection.

General Access REST API Key

1. Go to your PagerDuty account and navigate to Integrations > Developer Tools > API Access Keys.

2. Click Create New API Key. Check Read-only API Key.

3. Copy the API Key.

User Token REST API Key

1. Go to your PagerDuty account and navigate to User Icon > My Profile

2. Navigate to User Settings. In the section API Access, click Create API User Token.

3. Write descriptions and click Create Token.

4. Copy your API User Token.

In Acho

2. Select PagerDuty.

3. Enter your account credentials and click Connect.

4. Choose tables to import and click Finish Setup.

Supported tables

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