Version Control

This is an advanced way to handle versions and the published app. To see basic settings, which should be sufficient for most cases, visit Publish.
Version Management can be opened from the top left corner of the App Builder. This is where we handle all version-related actions.
Here is an example of what you’ll see in Version Management after creating a new app.
What you can do with a version:
  • Create a version based on the existing version by clicking “+ Create Version”
    If you are on 0.0.1 now, the options for new versions will be:
    Patch —> 0.0.2
    Minor —> 0.1.0
    Major —> 1.0.0
  • Publish a version
  • Delete and rename a version
When publishing a new version, the existing published version will be replaced.
What you can do with a published version:
  • Click “Unpublish” to take a published App offline
  • Click “Go live” on an offline app to re-publish it
  • Click “Open published app” to view the published App.