An Element action are used to modify a selected element, and perform various tasks such as set element data, set loading, set text set value.

You need to first select the specific element you wish to modify, and then choose the corresponding action from the available options, each type of elements is bond to different types of actions, see the detailed supported actions in Elements.

If the Element action is triggered by an event from an element in a page, then the Element action would be restricted to only the element within the same page. If it is triggered by an app level component, such as a Data updated event from a Query, then you can select element in any pages.

Each elements support different actions, but there are two common supported actions: Set data and Set loading.

Set Data

Set element data of the selected element. You need to set the variable in advance in data store. See more in Data Store

Set Loading

Set a loading animation to the selected element. Refer to Set loading animations for a detailed example.

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