Input boxes take in simple user input as a string.


Form item name: This is the name that the encompassing form will use to access the output of the checkbox. See Custom Form for how it's used.

Input type: Select the input type that users will be expected to input.

Default value: The default value to output if the user does not input anything.

Max length: Maximum number of characters a user will be able to input.

Show word limit: Show the ratio of characters inputted / total characters allowed.

Clearable: Will the user be able to clear their input?

Input placeholder: Placeholder text to be displayed. Note that the input will not take on this value, as oppposed to the default value.

Size: Select a size for the input element.

See Form Check for data validation.

See Tooltip for tooltip configurations.


The output of this element is set using Input type in properties.

Supported Events

Focus: Triggered when a user selects the input.

Blur: Triggered when a user deselects the input (clicks outside).

Value input: Triggered when a user types in the input.

Value change: Triggered when a user changes the value of the input and either the input is deselected or users press Enter.

Press enter: Triggered when users press Enter when in the input.

Supported Actions

Set Value: Set the output value.

Get Value: Get the value of the input.

Set Validate Result: Set whether the input is valid.

Set Data: Change element data. See Data Store.

Set Loading: Set loading animation. See Set loading animations.

Visit Interactions for more on events and actions.

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