App Configuration

An app needs to be properly configured before publishing.
To configure an app, click on the canvas. Make sure no page, element, or data node is selected. Then navigate to the Config tab.
You'll see three dropdowns: Entry Page, Sign in Page, and 404 Page.
  • Entry Page: This will be the first page that a user will see when they open your app. For public apps, this will usually be a home page. If you require a user sign-in, this will usually be your sign-in page.
  • Sign in Page: If you require a sign in, this is the first page that a user will see once they've signed in. See Create a sign-in page for how to set up entry and sign in pages.
  • 404 Page: This page will be shown if the user attempts to navigate to a page in your app that does not exist. If a 404 page is not selected, a default 404 page will be displayed.
Note: An Entry Page is required for every app. You can optionally set up Sign in and 404 Pages.