Zoho CRM

Connect to Zoho CRM

2. Select Zoho CRM.

3. Enter your account credentials and click Connect. Please visit here to generate Client ID, Client Secret, and Refresh Token.

  • Client ID: OAuth2.0 Client ID

  • Client Secret: OAuth2.0 Client Secret

  • Data Center Location: The region of your Data Center location. More info by this link.

  • CRM Edition: Free, Standard, Profession, Enterprise, or Unlimited

  • Environment: Production, Developer or Sandbox.

  • Refresh Token: OAuth2.0 Refresh Token

4. Choose tables to import and click Finish Setup.

Setup Guide

Get Client ID, Client Secret, and Grant Token

  1. Choose client

  2. Enter a scope the future refresh and access tokens will cover. For instance, it can be ZohoCRM.modules.ALL, ZohoCRM.settings.ALL, ZohoCRM.settings.modules.ALL. Make sure the scope covers all needed modules.

  3. Enter grant token's lifetime and description, click "Create".

  4. Copy Grant token, close the popup and copy Client ID and Client Secret on the "Client Secret" tab.

Create Refresh Token

For generating the refresh token, please refer to this page. Make sure to complete the auth flow quickly, as the initial token granted by Zoho CRM is only live for a few minutes before it can no longer be used to generate a refresh token.

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