For elements that do not have click events, they can be wrapped with a clickable. which effectively turns it into a button.

By default, a clickable is an empty container into which you can drag other elements.


Hover color: Background color when mouse hovers over the clickable.

On Hover color: Color of text in the clickable when hovered over.

On Active color: Color of text in the clickable as it is being clicked.

Animate Color: Length of animation in milliseconds.

Text: Displayed text. Note that once an element is dragged into the clickable, the text will no longer be visible.

See Tooltip for tooltip configurations.

Supported Events

Click Element: Triggered when a user clicks on the element(s) in the clickable.

Supported Actions

Set Text: Set text property of the clickable.

Set Data: Change element data. See Data Store.

Set Loading: Set loading animation. See Set loading animations.

Visit Interactions for more on events and actions.

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