Apply an action

Acho studio provides built-in SQL action that requires no coding

What is an action

In Acho Studio, you can quickly explore, clean and transform data with built-in SQL actions, such as sort, filter, join, deduplicate and flatten.

Action Sequence

In Acho Studio, all actions are performed in sequence. Once an action is applied, the resulting table will reflect a change. The change can be reversed when an action is reset. When you want to make a change to an action that you had applied several steps before, you must reset each action in between.

The Action Sequence serves as a Data Pipeline in the backend. When your data source updates from either a database (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL) or a third-party production system (e.g., Salesforce, Hubspot), the recorded action pipeline will be automatically refreshed with data updates.

If you like to inspect your current Action Sequence, please use the Pipeline feature to see all the actions being applied for each table in a project.

Action Types

Currently, Acho offers various actions to allow you to process or analyze your data.


Combine Table


Data Cleaning


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