Connect to Slack

2. Select Slack.

3. Enter your account credentials and click Connect.

  • API Token: Follow the instructions here to generate API Key.

  • Join all channels: Whether to join all channels or to sync data only from channels the bot is already in. If false, you'll need to manually add the bot to all the channels from which you'd like to sync messages.

  • Channel name filter: A channel name list (without leading '#' char) which limit the channels from which you'd like to sync. Empty list means no filter.

  • Threads Lookback window

  • Start Date: Retrieve data after this date. The date should be UTC date and time in the format 2017-01-25T00:00:00Z.

4. Choose tables to import and click Finish Setup.

Get API Tokenโ€‹

1. Go to the apps page.

2. Click Create New App. Then, configure the name and the workspace where you want to pull data. (If you already had an app, just click the app)

3. Navigate to Features > OAuth & Permissions.

4. Go to the Scopes section, click Add an OAuth Scope under Bot Token Scopes. And add the following scopes:

5. Scroll to the top of the page, click Install to Workspace, and click Allow.

6. Copy Bot User OAuth Access Token.

7. Go to your slack workspace. For any public channel go to info > more > add apps. In the search bar search for the name of your app. (If using the desktop version of slack, you may need to restart Slack for it to pick up the new app). Slack will only replicate messages from channels that the Slack bot has been added to.

8. Go to Acho and paste your Bot User OAuth Access Token to API Token in your Slack configuration.

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