TikTok Marketing

Connect to TikTok Marketing

  1. Select TikTok Marketing.

  2. After successfully connecting with your TitTok account, select tables to import and click Finish Setup.

Report Aggregation

Reports synced by this connector can use either hourly, daily, or lifetime granularities for aggregating performance data. For example, if you select the daily-aggregation flavor of a report, the report will contain a row for each day for the duration of the report. Each row will indicate the number of impressions recorded on that day.

Available Tables

  • Ad Groups (Incremental)

  • Ads (Incremental)

  • Campaigns (Incremental)

  • BasicReports

    • AdsReportsDaily Stream

    • AdvertisersReportsDaily Stream

    • AdGroupsReportsDaily Stream

    • CampaignsReportsDaily Stream

  • AudienceReports

    • AdsAudienceReportsDaily Stream

    • AdvertisersAudienceReportsDaily Stream

    • AdGroupAudienceReportsDaily Stream

    • CampaignsAudienceReportsByCountryDailyStream

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