Connect to Kustomer

2. Select Kustomer.

3. Enter your account credentials and click Connect.

  • API Token: Please visit here to generate the API Token.

  • Start Date: Retrieve data from a specific date and time. The date should be defined in UTC date and time, such as 2017-01-25T00:00:00Z.

4. Choose the tables you want to import. If there are any other required forms or fields, ensure that you fill them out with the necessary information to proceed.

5. Click Test to verify the connection and see a preview of the connected data.

6. Click Create Resource to finish the setup. You will be redirected to the resource page where you can see your newly connected resource displayed at the top.

Kustomer Api Key

To create a new API key:

  1. Select Add API Key.

  2. A popup will appear to edit your new API key. Start by giving the new API key a name. We always recommend as a best practice that you use clear and illustrative names, so that it's easy to know what function this API key performs if another member of your team reviews it at a later date.

  3. Under Roles, select the necessary roles required by your integration. You can select multiple values.

  4. In the Expires menu, select the number of days that the API key should remain valid before it expires.

  5. As an optional final step, you can enter a value in the CIDR IP Restriction box. This is used to restrict access to a token when outside of certain networks.

  6. Once you're satisfied with your selections, select Create to finish creating the new key.

Supported tables

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