Share your resources

Share resources

1. Navigate to the Resources page.

2. Click the dropdown menu next to the resource that you want to share and click Share. (Note: Only the resource creator and admin can see the Share button)

3. Type one or more email addresses, define the resource role and click Invite. Now, your recipients can see the resource after refreshing their pages.

Visibility settings

When you create a new resource, you can choose whether to make it visible to all members of the organization. By clicking the dropdown under "Seen by", you can decide who can see your resource.

  • Shared members: Only the members who have permission to access the resource can see the resource on their Resource page.

  • All members: All members (except for the guests) in the organization can view the resource and request permissions.

Roles and Permissions



The Creator is the one who creates the resource. The Creator has full privileges on the resource. Each resource will have only one Creator.


Admins have almost the same privileges as the Creator. However, the Admins cannot change the role of the Creator and approve the access requests from organization members. A resource can have multiple Admins.


Editors can modify, sync, and export the resource but cannot share it with others and change the permissions of any existing shared users.


Viewers can only see the resource on their Resource page but cannot do anything with it. They have to send requests to get more permissions.


There are two types of permissions:

Share user access

It is to determine how a shared user can do for the resource.

  • View: can see the resource on the Resource page.

  • Edit: can modify the configuration of the resource, rename and delete the resource

  • Import: can sync the resource.

  • Export: can add (or export) the resource to a project.

Manage asset access for user

It is to determine how a shared user can do for the resource access of another shared user.

  • View: can see the list of the users who can access the resource.

  • Edit: can share the resource with another user or change the permissions (or roles) of the existing shared users.


Share user access

- View

- Edit

- Import

- Export

Manage asset access

- View

- Edit

Change roles or edit permissions

You can click the Share button next to the resource name and then you can see a list of teammates. You can click the dropdown to change the role of a team member. (Note: only the resource Creator and Admins have the privilege to edit permissions.)

Leave the resource

If you don't need to access some of the resources anymore, you can go to the Resource page and leave the resource by clicking the Leave button next to the resource name. Once you leave the resource, you cannot access the resource anymore unless request permissions again. (Note: the resource Creators cannot leave their projects.)

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