Single File

Upload large CSV, TSV, XLSX or TXT files in 3 clicks.

Auto-detect file format

By default, Acho auto-detects the column delimiter and the data types (schema). If you data looks good, simply click the Upload button to start the process.

Configure a file manually

In case your file does not have a row that contains column names, or it has unsupported values (e.g. special characters, and reserved words), you can configure your file's header manually. By unchecking the Auto-detect button, you can

  1. select a delimiter: Acho Studio detects the column delimiter automatically. We support comma, semicolon, tab, and pipe. Please let us know if you need extra file type supported

  2. add a header row: If your file does not have column names, you can check this box to enter your custom column names.

  3. Columns (name and data type): Change your column name, refine your column data types, and remove unwanted columns.

When your file looks good, simple click the Upload button to start the process.

Safe mode upload

Safe mode is a feature built to ensure the success of your file upload. There is a number of reasons that could cause your upload to fail:

  • Use of invalid character like (-) hyphen, ()parentheses (.)period, colon(;), Asterisks (*) and other characters

  • Line breaks in the column fields

  • Separator characters in the text of the CSV files

  • Long numbers that have leading zeroes

  • CSV file not using UTS

  • Non-printable ASCII control characters like CR or LF at the end of the line

  • Blank lines at the end of the corrupted CSV files

  • Duplicate column (data field) names

  • Text field with unescaped delimiter

  • Quoted string with an unescaped double quote

  • CRLF/Dos line endings

  • Non-standard escape characters

  • Unrecognized Unicode/Illegal Codepoint

When Safe mode is checked, Acho Studio's system will handle all these error cases and make sure your data can be parsed by a relational database management system (RDBMS). Within safe mode, Acho needs to change all your column data types to string, thus your CSV upload become more likely to be successful.


Columns exceed 10,000

When you have a file that has more than 10,000 columns, you may need to transpose or partition your file. Simple talk to the customer support and grant us temporary permission to access your file, and we should help you upload the data to Acho.

The upload progress freezes at 60%

This might be due to a variety of reasons. 1. Check your internet to make sure there's no breakage during the upload period. 2. Some values in the latter portion of file may be corrupt. Try re-upload the file with "safe upload".

The file cannot be parsed

If your file cannot even prompt the preview process, it may be misformatted. Contact us and we can help you examine its formatting and make sure it's fit for online processing.

Please contact us if you have any problems uploading your file.

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