Set App Data

This action allows you to set the value of a specific field in app data. Ensure that the variable you intend to modify has been defined in the data store. App data is often used to store temporary data, application status and intermediary values. Refer to Data Store for more details.

  • Field: The name of the variable you want to modify.

  • Value: The new value to assign to the specified field.

Generate Unique ID

This action generates a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID). The UUID created is distinct and can be utilized in subsequent actions within your application.

To use the generated UUID in subsequent actions, add an action following this one and reference the UUID with the accessor ${prev}.

Example: Insert record to table with unique ID

Add a Generate Unique ID after the event you want to use to trigger the action.

Set up a query used to insert records to PostgreSQL, add a parameter in query to receive the simulation id. Then, after the 'Generate Unique ID' action, add a Set SQL Parameter action. Set the value of the parameter simulation_id to ${prev}, representing the use of the result from Generate Unique ID as the simulation ID for the inserted record.

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