Guest Isolation and Private Session

Guest Isolation

Guest Isolation is only available when Sign-in Required is off

Guest Isolation provides a separate session for each anonymous app user, so that they wonโ€™t interfere with each other. Turn on Guest Isolation will increase the cost and reduce the performance. It is suggested to turn Guest Isolation on, unless you are running a public dashboard that present the same thing to all your audience.

Query Node private session

The Query Node private session is a powerful feature available in Acho App Builder, providing advanced control over data operations within the Interaction - Action with Data Node, specifically the "Set SQL Parameter" and "Run Query" actions.

  • Public (On): By default, the "Public" switch is turned on, indicating that the data node operation will be reflected across all users of the application. For example, if the data node query is for filter data and the action is Set SQL parameter that is used to control the filter condition. When the action is triggered, the filter condition will be applied universally, impacting the data visible to all users of the application. This mode is suitable for scenarios where a consistent filter is desired to ensure data coherence and alignment among users.

  • Private (Off): When the "Public" switch is turned off, the data node operation will only affect the current user's private session. In this mode, any modifications made to the data node or query execution will remain isolated and will not impact other users. This private session functionality is particularly useful when users need to perform independent operations or experiment without affecting others.

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