Google Sheets Connector

How to export data to Google Sheets?

1. Click the export button on the top right of the table.

2. Select Google Sheets Connector and click Generate API.

Notice that Google Sheets can only support importing a table with up to 2.15 MB via API. You can check the table size by clicking the Table Info button next to the Export button. If your table is too large to export, you can use Filter or Cut to shrink your table size.

3. When the API is generated successfully, a green message will pop up from the top of the page. The Excel connector API will be copied to your clickboard automatically

4. Open your Google Sheets and type IMPORTDATA() in the first cell. Remember to put the API that you just generated within the brackets.

5. Then, your data will show up in your Google Sheets. By default, Google Sheets will retrieve data from Acho every hour and refresh the entire dataset automatically. (Notice that every time Google Sheets request data from Acho via API, the request is also metered for usage.)

If you encountered the following error. Please try to export fewer rows. Google Sheets has a limit for the size of the imported table. (The limit is around 2.15 MB)

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