What does Acho Studio do?

Acho Studio helps you manage data assets with no coding, from ETL, orchestration to integration.

Who are the people using Acho Studio?

Both technical and non-technical people can use Acho Studio to process their data. All teams working in marketing, sales, operations, finance, and IT departments can use Acho Studio to integrate, store, process, and analyze their data.

What can you do with Acho Studio?

Most server-side database management tasks can be done on Acho Studio, things such as data storage, migration, testing, monitoring, backup & recovery, ELT, etc.

Can I have a try?

Sure! There is a 14-day free trial for Acho. You can choose either a Standard Plan or a Professional Plan to try out the features. Try not to process a big dataset during your evaluation period. A credit card is not required for a trial, but you can optionally enter your credit card information. You can cancel your plan anytime through contact us.

How does Acho Studio compare to other data warehouses such as Amazon Redshift and Snowflake?

Acho Studio is designed for data workers to manage data assets themselves. The Admin of the Acho Studio project is not necessarily a member of the IT team. After setting up a connection with the database, there is a minimal amount of coding involved.


How is my usage calculated?

Acho meters your usage including data loading, transformation, download, pipeline updates, and visualization. Each account's usage is calculated in the back end, and it can be found ON your account's profile page.

What if I go over my free trial's usage limit?

Once you exceed the free trial's usage limit, your free trial will be ended. Simple click "confirm" to opt-in to one of the paid plans, you should then be able to continue using Acho with a higher usage limit included in the paid plans.


Is Acho Studio secure? Where is my data stored?

At Acho, we take security very seriously. For more details, please visit our security status page.


Why is my data not displaying after upload/connection?

For flat file, this typically happens when your file format is not supported. Please make sure that your file has

  • Fewer than 10,000 columns

  • valid header name for each column (only letters, numbers, or underscores)

  • valid file delimiter: comma (","), tab ("\t"), pipe ("|"), semicolon (";")

What if I want to perform a transformation that Acho Studio does not have?

This is when the "SQL editor" comes in handy. You can always write a SQL query for the table in your project just like you'd do in any other place. Check our "supported SQL queries" for reference.

I have a task that needs to be automated, is Acho Studio for me?

Yes, we have been building automation solutions for teams sizing from 1 to 500. Acho Studio is great for building connectors and automation features. If you have some task that needs to be automated, please send us an email with a detailed description.

Can I use Acho Studio on-prem?

Currently, the answer is no. Most of Acho’s features require a cloud environment in the backend to work.

What is a Data Prep project table?

A project table is like a tab on your browser. You can perform various actions on each view without making changes to the original database. To understand each component on Acho studio, please visit the create a table tab for more details.

I have a question that’s not included above.

Please send it to contact@acho.io. We’ll get back to you within a day!

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