Score Card

The score card, or sometimes called KPI indicator, iis primarily used to display metrics that represent performance indicators. This visualization element typically highlights crucial data points that help in understanding business's overall performance or specific business aspects. It can be designed to show not just the current value of a metric but also its change or trend over a specified period.

Regarding data sourcing, the scorecard is capable of utilizing a Metric or Query, and while it also supports a Table, this is not recommended. This is because it displays the value of the first row from the selected column, as specified by the "Display Column" setting. Primarily, aggregation occurs within a Metric or Query, and the scorecard displays this aggregated value. This approach ensures a focused and clear presentation of the most pertinent data.


Data source: Select the data source of the score card

Display column: Select the column field of the data you want to display

Title: A short text describing the value

Prefix: An optional text or symbol placed before the value, such as $

Suffix: An optional text or symbol placed after the value, used to provide context or units (e.g., %, kg, hrs).

Footer: Additional information or commentary about the displayed data, such as a brief note on the data source, the time frame of the analysis

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