Pivot Table

Similar to a Pivot table offered on a spreadsheet program, you can build a summary table from one of your existing tables in an action. The Pivot table action on Acho offers a GUI for you to construct a new stable of statistics that summarizes your current table.

The elements under the Pivot table are:

  • Columns

    You can search and drag the columns you need for configuring the pivot table. Columns will display with their data types and column names.

  • Filters

    You can drag a column, and click the dropdown to set the range of your filter

  • Horizontal Dimensions

    You can drag any columns to the Horizontal Dimensions. The result of Horizontal Dimensions will be flattened in 1 row. Moving columns to Vertical Dimensions is more recommendable.

  • Vertical Dimensions

    You can drag any columns to the Vertical Dimensions. The result of Vertical Dimensions can be stacked in the table. Moving columns into the Vertical Dimensions makes the pivot table more digestible.

  • Values

    You can drag and column to Values. You can also multi-select the calculation you want to apply to the values.

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