Navigate to a different page

If you have multiple pages in your app, you'll need a way to navigate from page to page. This tutorial will walk you through basic navigations. For dynamic routing, see Set up dynamic routing.

  1. Add an action and choose Navigation as the action.

  2. Then choose a navigation method from the dropdown below. Methods include Go Back, Go To Page, and Open Link.

    1. Go Back: Return the user to the previous page.

    2. Go To Page: Go to another page in your app. Another dropdown will appear for you to select an existing page.

    3. Open Link: Navigate to a link outside of your app. An input box will appear for you to enter a URL.

Example: with a button

This example navigates to another page in our app named page1 upon the click of a button.

Example: with a clickable/collapse menu

You can also add navigation events to elements other than buttons. For example, you can add aClickable to the contents of a Collapse Menu to act as a navigation bar. This will allow users to select which page they'd like to navigate to.

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