Bing Ads

Connect to Bing Ads

  1. Select Bing Ads.

  2. Log in to your Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) account. You can find the "User ID" and the "Customer ID" in the URL.<CUSTOMER_ID>&uid=<USER_ID>

  3. Report settings:

    • Hourly Reports: includes hourly report streams if true

    • Daily Reports: includes daily report streams if true

    • Weekly Reports: includes weekly report streams if true

    • Monthly Reports: includes monthly report streams if true

Report Aggregation

All reports synced by this connector can be aggregated using hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly windows. Performance data is aggregated using the selected window. For example, if you select the daily-aggregation flavor of a report, the report will contain a row for each day for the duration of the report. Each row will indicate the number of impressions recorded on that day.

A report's aggregation window is indicated in its name e.g: account_performance_report_hourly is the Account Performance Reported aggregated using an hourly window.

Available Tables

Acho is capable of syncing the following tables:

Supported reports:

For more information, see the Bing Ads API.

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