App publishing is the way you share your app with users. On the top right of the App Builder, you’ll see a Share button. Click this button to view the options for App publishing.

Publish your app

To share a space, start by clicking the Share button, which you'll find near the top-right corner of each space. This will open the share panel, then click Publish to publish the app.

By default, the app is published in Automatic Publish mode.

Automatic Publishing

Automatic updates ensure that the published version consistent with the current development version. All changes are immediately reflected.

Manual Publishing

Manual publishing provides a more granular control to the app publishing. In order to enable Manual Publishing, click on the switch to disable the Automatic update and enable manual publish with version control.

When automatic publishing is disabled, changes made in the current version will not be reflected in the published version. This ensures that users of the published version are not affected by ongoing changes.

For more detailed settings, refer toVersion Control.

Published URL

By default, your app is published at the url{app_id} . You can also find and copy the url in the share panel.

Published app access

You don't need to worry about data leakage, because by default only authorized users with invitation can access your app. If you want to share the app with mass, you need to disable Sign-in Required in App Configuration.

See more details at App User Management.


If you want to unpublish the app, click on the Unpublish button located at the button right corner of Share/Publish panel.

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