Generate column summary for inspection

When conducting data preparation or data cleaning, the first step is to inspect the data quickly and get an overview of the data quality. This step can provide some hints about how to clean up the data.

Acho offers a feature called Generate Summary . It provides information including the data type, the number of unique values, and data distribution. It can answer the following questions:

  • Is the column identified in the correct data type?

  • How many unique values or missing values are in the column?

  • How does the data distribution look like?

You can go to any table and click the button next to the column name and then choose Generate Summary.

Then, you can get a summary of the column with different data types(String, Integer, Float, Date, Datetime, Time, Boolean).

Notice: for some specific data types(Integer, Float, Date, Datetime, Time), if the number of unique values is over 1,000,000, the chart cannot be generated.

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