Acho can help you import data from spreadsheets or apps and host a database on our server, so you can export any type of data to Looker. The process includes three steps:

  1. Generate database credentials

    Each Acho's account generates only one set of credentials.

  2. Set up a connection in Looker

    Use the credentials generated from Step 1 to configure the connection in Looker. The configuration only needs to be set up for the first time.

Generate database credentials

1. Click the export button on the top right of the table.

2. Select Looker and click Export in Workflow.

3. In Workflow, drag Looker from the right sidebar to the canvas. Then, link it to the table that you want to export.

4. Acho generates Dataset ID and a JSON key file automatically. Please use these credentials to set up the connection in Looker.


  • Each Acho's account has a unique set of credentials for Looker.

  • Every time you export data to Looker, you can find the credentials. However, you only need these credentials for the first time to build the connection in Looker.

Set up a connection in Looker

1. In the Admin section of Looker, select Connections, and then select New Connection.

2. Follow the instructions below to complete the configuration:

  • Dialect: Select Google BigQuery Standard SQL or Google BigQuery Legacy SQL.

  • Project Name: Fill in the Dataset ID generated from Step 1.

  • Dataset: Specify the name of the dataset that you plan to use.

  • Service Account Email: Fill in the Service Account Email generated from Step 1.

  • Service Account JSON: Upload the JSON key file generated from Step 1.

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