Set up Data Sync

Set up a scheduler

Instead of syncing data manually, you can set up a scheduler to update data automatically.

1. Go to the scheduler page.

Method 1: you can go to the Data Sync page and click the table that you want to set up a scheduler.
Method 2: Go to the table that you want to set up a schedule. Then, click the Request Data Sync Now button on the toolbar and click the Data Sync link.


3. Set up a scheduler.

Append new data by column
Here "Append new data by column id" means that the system will detect whether there is new data based on the id column. After you specify the column, the message, "Rows with id > 103521 will be appended", will show up. "103521" represents that the ID of the latest row in your current table is "103521". If the database has rows which id is larger than 103521, then the system will add those row to the current table.
Note that if your table is from databases (such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB), you have to define the column. However, it is no need to specify If your table is from integrations (such as Stripe, HubSpot, or Salesforce).
Sync Frequency
There are three options:
  • Intraday: update the table every specific time interval within a day. The minimum time interval is 15 minutes.
  • Daily: update the table at a specific time (such as 6 a.m.) every day.
  • Custom: you can define the scheduler in a more flexible way.


  1. 1.
    Data sync is to set up for a table, rather than a project. That is, if you set up a scheduler for a table, it doesn't mean that other tables in the same project all have the scheduler. You should set up a scheduler for each table separately.
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    Currently, Data Sync is only available for tables that are from databases or integrations.
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How to check if the scheduler is running?

You can go to Sync History to check when the table was updated last time.

How to check who requests Data Sync or sets up the scheduler?

Yu can go to User Actions in the Data Sync page. It records actions including setting up the scheduler and requesting to sync now.

Request to sync now

  1. 1.
    Go to the table that you want to update and click the Request Data Sync Now button.
2. Specify to append rows based on which columns and click the Sync Now button. (The meaning of "Append new data by column" please see here)
3. The button will show a small mark "Syncing". It may take several minutes to update the table.
4. When Data Sync is finished, you will see a message on the top of the page.