Send an Email via Mailjet Plugin

You can send emails to your users from Acho apps via Mailjet Plugin. You'll need a free Mailjet account to use Mailjet send API service.

1. Find your Mailjet API Key and Secret Key

Go to account setting -> Rest API -> API Key Management (Primary and Sub-account) to acquire your api key and secret key.

2. Create or enter an app​

If you haven't created an app yet, log in Acho and click Create new Data App. Create a blank app or start from a template.

3. Install Mailjet service

Find plugin store on the side bar, click on Mailjet API, install the API and add to API services. Once it is installed and added to API services, you can find it as an action in API services category.

4. Add an input element and add action flow

Drag an input element from elements list, and add event -> action to trigger the Send Email Service. In this example, I use Press Enter to trigger the action. Then fill all these fields required for sending an email.

  • apiKey: A string field that requires your API key, which serves as an authentication mechanism for accessing Mailjet's services.

  • apiSecretKey: A string field for the secret API key that corresponds to your API key, used to enhance security and verify your API requests.

  • fromEmail: The sender's email address, indicating who the email is being sent from.

  • fromName: The sender's name or the display name associated with the sender's email address.

  • toEmail: The recipient's email address, indicating who will receive the email.

  • toName: The recipient's name or a display name associated with their email address.

  • subject: A string that holds the subject or topic of the email, conveying the main purpose or content of the message.

  • textPart: Plain text part of the email's content, which is typically shown when HTML rendering is unavailable.

  • htmlPart: Used to store the HTML-formatted version of the email's content, enabling rich formatting and styling for the email's appearance.

apiKey, apiSecretKey is what we get from Step 1

The fromEmail must be an approved sender connected to your Mailjet account.

You can use ${event.value} in textPart so that what you entered in input element will be sent as the text part of the email.

You can use a form to collect multiple input and control all these parameters seamlessly. See Use Custom Form Container to collect user inputs for details.

If you want to automate the send email process, consider using an auto-updated Query Node to trigger the Send an email action, and use Action condition to control it.

5. Test

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