Navigation actions are for users to move between various pages. There are four distinct navigation actions available, each serving a specific purpose:

  • Go Back

  • Go To Page

  • Go To Page By Path

  • Open Link

Go Back

This action would get user return to the previous screen or page they were on, whether or not the previous page is in the app.

Go To Page

This action will direct user to a certain page within the app.

Dynamic page

If the page selected is a dynamic page (See Set up dynamic routing),

Go To Page By Path

This action is a programmable way to direct the user to a page within the app. You can program the path and even add routeParams and routeQuery after the URL, providing more flexibility.

Example: Pass the current routeQuery of the current page to the report page.

In order to redirect users to "report" page and pass the routeQuery to it. First, set the "report" page path to page. Then, add the Go To Page By Path action on a button, set the Page Full Path to report?reportDate=${#page.routeQuery.reportDate} . The ${#page.routeQuery.reportDate} represents an accessor to get the reportDate value from routeQuery object in current page data.

This action will direct user to the link, no matter it is in app or not.

Link: Insert the URL you want to open

Open In New Tab: Check this option if you want the link to open in a new browser tab.

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