Download CSV files

Download a CSV file

1. Click the export button on the top right of the table.

2. Select CSV to export data in a .CSV file. There are however several restrictions to this feature.

  • Free trial only grants downloads fewer than 1GB, where paid plans (standard or pro) do not have this limit.

  • If the current table exceeds 1GB, to optimize the download performance, Acho will help you download it using Batch Download.

  • The download service is also metered for usage. Please check the Usage section on your profile page to see how much you have downloaded from your project tables.

3. Wait for the download. It may take a few minutes depending on the size of the table. ( Different regions may experience different download speeds. Local network would also affect download speed.)

Batch download

When clicking the download button, there is a toggle for Batch download. It will allow you to split your data into smaller files and download these files in a zipped format.

Here are some options that you can specify.

  • Batch files: the number of target files that you want to have. For example, if you specify 5, Acho will divide the current table into 5 smaller files with a similar size. However, if your data is larger than 1 GB, the option will be disabled. Acho will help you to find the optimal number of batches to split.

  • Note (optional): It allows you to put additional information here. The note will be included in a TXT file called README, which contains information, such as the project name, the table name, the number of rows to export, the number of files in total, and export time.

To optimize the download performance, all the records will be distributed in different files randomly. That is, the first record in your current table on Acho may not be in the first file.

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