Rich text and rich text editor

Displaying and editing html text

What is Rich Text and a Rich Text Editor?

Rich Text is a format for text that includes various styles and formatting, such as bold, italic, underline, font size, color, and more. A Rich Text Editor is a software tool that enables users to create and edit rich text, similar to a word processor.

Step by Step tutorial:

  1. Step 1: Drag Rich Text and a Rich Text Editor in your app

    You will need to add two elements: a Rich Text Editor component, and a Rich Text to display the change. Find them in Create -> Elements, and drag them into a editing page.

  2. Step 2: Add a Form to Collect Data and a Button to Submit the Form

    You will need to add a form to collect the data that the user inputs into the Rich Text Editor. Drag a form element(Create -> Elements -> Form -> Form) into the page, and drag the Rich Text Editor inside the form. Then drag a botton into the page.

  3. Step 3: Add Interactions

    You will need to build two interaction, one for storing the change into form when the button is clicked, another for updating the change in a Rich Text element.

  4. Result:

    The result of using Rich Text and a Rich Text Editor in your app will be a more powerful and flexible user interface that allows users to create, edit, and save rich text documents. With the ability to add styles, formatting, and other features to their text, users can create more engaging and visually appealing content that can be used in a variety of contexts, from blog posts to marketing materials and more.

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