Google Sheets

1. How to import data from Google Sheets?

You can follow the following steps to import datasets from your Google Sheets. Each connection is allowed to import only one google sheet file. If there are several worksheets in your file, each worksheet becomes a separate table. For example, if your google sheet file has 4 worksheets, they will be displayed in 4 tables on Acho.

1. Go to the Resources page and click the Add Resource button.

2. In the "Select a data source" step, select Google Sheets under the Application tab.

3. In the "Configure the data source" step, Acho offers two methods to connect your Google Sheets:

  • Method 1: Log in to your Google Account and select one of your Google Sheets

  • Method 2: Connect to your Google Sheets manually. First, open your google sheet and share your spreadsheet to Acho's address: Then, enter your Spreadsheet ID on Acho (Find your spreadsheet ID here) .

2. How to find the Spreadsheet ID?

1. Open your Google Sheet.

2. Share your file to Acho's address and set the role as Viewer:

Click the Share button again to make sure Acho's address exists in your list.

3. Click the address bar and copy the spreadsheet ID between /d/ and /edit# in the URL. (See the following graph)

3. How to set up Data Sync?

Acho supports creating schedulers to retrieve the latest data from your Google Sheet at a certain time interval. To see more details, you can visit here.

4. Troubleshooting

Issue 1: Fail to connect Google Sheets

Please check the following points:

  1. Make sure that you've already shared your spreadsheet to Acho's address in Google Sheet:

  2. Check if there are any missing or unnecessary values in your spreadsheet ID. You can find the ID in the spreadsheet's URL, which is located between /d/ and /edit# .

  3. Check if there is an empty sheet in your google sheet. If some of the worksheets have no data, please delete them. For example, Sheet1 in the following example is empty. You should remove it to avoid the failure of the connection.

4. The first row in any worksheets cannot be empty. Acho considers the first row as a header, and thus the system occurs errors if the first row is empty.

Issue 2: Missing columns

If your google sheet is supposed to have 5 columns, but it only displays 3 columns on Acho.

Please check if any column name is empty. Empty columns name may make Google's API unable to parse the file correctly, and thus some columns may be missing when importing data to Acho. Here are some examples that are possible to cause this issue:

  • One of the columns has an empty column name. By adding the column name, the problem can be solved.

  • One of the columns is empty. By deleting the empty columns, the issue can be solved.

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