Embed a table on your website

Embed a data table on websites

Acho allows you to display your data in a pretty and interactive table on your website. Acho's embedded table can allow you to:

  • Display and share data in a pretty and interactive table

  • Monetize your data assets

  • Collect qualified or promising leads by offering valuable datasets

This article demonstrates how to export your data as an embedded table and how embedded tables work on your website.

How to embed a table on the website?

1. Go to the table that you want to embed.

2. Click the "Export" button on the right-hand side of the toolbar

3. Choose Export to Website (Embed) and complete the configuration. To see details about each option, please visit here.

4. Click Generate Embed Link and it will generate two types of links, Embed Link and Web Link. If you have a website, you can put the Embed Link in your HTML codes. If you don't, you can use the Web Link and share the link anywhere you like.

There are some options that you have to specify in the configuration.

1. Sample Limit

Here you can specify the number of rows to display on your website. Currently, Acho limits the maximum number of rows to 5,000 to protect the universal front-end performance on different websites.

2. Company Name

3. Table Name

The table name will be displayed as the resource name of your data. You can rename it under the table tab.

4. Download original table

It's the method of how your viewer can download the original table. There are two options here:

  • Acho Your viewers can download the original table by logging into Acho Studio. If your viewers do not have an Acho's account, they have to sign up for one to download the data. This method temporarily doesn't support Requirements for downloaders and Table customization.

  • Your own website Your viewers can download the original table on the page of the embedded table. If you embed the table on your website, they can download the original table on your website. If you use the web link to share your table, they can download it on the web page directly.

5. Requirements for downloaders:

This section defines what your downloaders have to do in order to download the original table. There are two actions that you can require:

  • Pay

    Your viewers need to submit a payment that you required to download the original table. Acho charges 15% per transaction. For example, if you set up the fee for each download is $10, Acho will charge $1.5 for each transaction. This feature is available in the Standard / Professional Plan.

  • Enter email

    Your viewers need to submit their email addresses to download the original table directly from the embed table. This feature is exclusive in the Professional Plan.

6. Customization

To support various commercial needs, Acho offers some options to customize your sample table.

  • Remove Acho's label

  • Display your company info

    You can choose to display your company name in the embed table. The company name will show next to the table name. If you want to change your company info, please go to your Profile. This feature is exclusive in the Professional Plan.

Every time you click Generate Embed Link, it will generate two types of links. Each table has its own unique Embed Link. Every time you change the setting and generate Embed Link again, the new configuration will be applied to your current Embed Table.

  • Embed Link

    It generates an HTML iframe element that allows you to embed the sample table on your website. You can change the “width”, and “height” to customize the size of the table. If you prefer the table to be responsive, just set the width = “100%”.

  • Web Link

    It's a link that you can type in the search bar and navigate to the sample table directly. With the web link, you can share your sample table with anyone through the link.

What viewers can do with embedded tables?

Your viewers can explore and download the data through embedded tables. Embedded tables offer the following interactive features:

1. Explore the sample table

Visitors can see all rows and columns in the sample table. Also, they can search for a specific keyword in a column and get all the rows containing the keyword.

2. Download sample data

Viewers can download the sample dataset directly without any requirements.

3. Download original data

Viewers can download the original dataset after finishing some requirements. The requirements are based on your configuration.


1. What is the difference between the sample table and the original table?

The sample table is the one that you embed on your website, whereas the original table is the one in your Acho's project. The original table generally include the complete dataset.

2. How to change the company name?

First, navigate to the Profile page on the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Then, you can change your company name in My Profile. (Note that one Acho account can only have one company name. That is, all embedded tables in the same account share the same company name.)

3. How to change the table name?

Click the Rename button in the dropdown next to your table name and you can change your table name.

4. How does the payment mechanism work?

Acho uses Stripe to process all payments from your downloaders. Acho will 15% commission fee per transaction. Acho will transfer If you require your downloaders to provide their emails, we will send you the email list at the same time.

5. How to change the setting of the embedded table?

Go to the original table on your Acho Studio and generate the Embed Link again. Your embedded table will apply the latest setting, so you don't need to go to your website to alter the Embed Link on your website. Each table has its own unique embed link and will generate the same Embed Link no matter how many times you click the Generate Embed Link button

6. Can I monetize my datasets even if I don't have my own website?

Sure, you can. When you generate an Embed Link, you will get an Embed Link and a Web Link simultaneously. The Web Link is the link to a page that only includes your embedded table. This link can be shared anywhere you like even if you don't have your own website.

7. How can I display the top 100 rows based on a specific column?

Before exporting your table as an embedded table, you can use the Sort action to sort your table based on a specific column.

8. Can I remove Acho's logo from the embedded table?

Yes, you can. You can select Remove Acho's appearances in the configuration of the embedded table.

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