Acho supports connecting to Power BI via API. The process to export data to Power BI includes two steps:
  1. 1.
    ​Generate API for your table (each table will generate a unique API)

Step 1: Generate API for your table

1. Click the export button on the top right of the table.
2. Select Power BI and click Generate API.
3. When the API is generated successfully, a green message will pop up from the top of the page. The Qlik API will be copied to your clickboard automatically.

Step 2: Export data to Qlik

1. Open your Qlik and navigate to Add new > Connect to data.
2. Find the REST API connector.
3. Paste the API that you just generated in the URL field and remember to rename the data connection (by default, the name is the API URL but it may cause the failure to create the connection). Then, click Create and analyze.
3. Once your Power BI connects to Acho successfully, you can check CSV_source to preview your data and remember to select CSV has header. Click the Next button to continue.
4. It may take a few seconds to import data depending on your table size. When your data is ready, a CSV_source circle will appear in the window.
5. If your table on Acho is changed or updated, you can click the refresh button below the table to retrieve data again.
Last modified 1mo ago