Export to Excel

  1. Generate an API from your Acho project tab

Click the export button on your project tab. Then select "Excel" to generate an API for transferring data to your Excel. For a free plan, you can export up to 100,000 rows of data in each API request. Based on the order of your data

Please be noted that Acho will send the top rows to your Excel. For example, you have a table sorted from large to small such as 100, 99, 98 ... 0. By generating an API for 10 rows, Acho will send 100, 99, 98, 97...90 to your Excel. If your table updates one row per hour such as 101, 102, .... , Each API call from Acho will always retrieve the latest 10 rows.

2. Request data from Excel

After connection has been established between api.acho.io , you should receive data from your Acho project tab to your local Excel file. It depends on how much data you are requesting, it can take one to several minutes.