Export to a CSV file

Export data to local computer in a .CSV file

Click the export button on the top right of the table. Then select "Local (Download)" to export data in a .CSV file. There are however several restrictions to this feature.

  1. Free trial only grants downloads fewer than 50,000 rows

  2. Paid plan grants downloads fewer than 1,000,000 rows

  3. Downloads larger than 1,000,000 rows need to be requested on individual basis

  4. Different regions may experience different download speed. Local network would also affect download speed

Download is also metered for usage. Please check the "Usage" section in your profile page to see how much you have downloaded from your project tables .

Batch download

When clicking the download button, there is a toggle for "Batch download". It will allow you to split your data and download it in separate files. By selecting the top rows and number of batches, you can export a number of .CSV files, each contains a piece of your data.

Export Panel for Batch Download