Create a project

How to create a data project on Acho Studio?

What is a project?

Once you have imported a resource, it is time to create a project! A project is used to manage multiple tables, perform actions, and collaborate with your teammates.

How does a project work?

In a project, you do not have to worry about overwriting or altering the original database that you have imported. You may perform whatever action you like and be able to go back in action.
Within the project, you may create many “table tabs”. These tabs are sourced from your database so that you may edit multiple tables all in once. Though they may look like a tab from your internet browser, there is a data pipeline behind each table tab. It means that you must always apply actions in sequence, and make changes to each action logically. For example, you cannot merge a table that is not open in a project or edit a filter that you have applied several steps earlier.
A project also works as a foundation for other projects on Acho Studio such as Visual Panel. When you have applied a series of actions on a project, that will produce a table you can work on further on Visual Panel.