Share your database with teammates

How to Share a Project with teammates

After adding resources to a project, users can share this project as a whole with different people using the "Share" button.

Click the top-right "Share" button to share the project with your teammates

It is also very convenient to type in the teammate's email to share to, and select a role(Owner, Editor, Viewer) for her. Custom permission for sharing is also available in the Professional Plan

Type in an email and specify a role for sharing

When logging into the email which has been shared, there will be a shared project invitation email from Team Acho. Click "Accept Invitation" and log into the Acho account to accept it.

Please note: if the teammate has not registered an Acho account, he or she needs to register one before accepting the shared project.

Click "Accept Invitation" to get the access to the shared project

Understand different types of roles

When sharing a project with someone else, you have to define their role in this project. The role represents what they can do for this project. There are four types of roles in Acho's projects.

  • Owner: Each project has at least one owner. When you create a project, you will be an owner by default. Owners are allowed to do anything except for Data Sync. Only owners who already connect to the database or integrations can set up schedulers or request syncing.

  • Editor: can edit tables and share projects but cannot delete project or tables, export data, and edit permissions.

  • Viewer: is only allowed to read tables.

  • Custom: you can customized permissions for your teammate.

Below is the comparison between three roles.






View the project and pipeline

Create a new project

Edit (rename the project or make annotations)

Delete the project

Project Table

View tables and annotations/generate summary

Create/Import Tables

Edit (apply actions, rename or copy tables)

Download/Export tables

Delete tables

Data Sync

Team Access

View Team Members and Permissions

Invite new team members

Edit permissions

Delete team members

Visual Panel

Use tables to create charts

How to change roles or edit permissions?

You can click the Share button at the top-right corner of the project and then you can see a list of teammates. The Edit button allows you to change the permissions of a team member. You can also Only project owners can edit roles.