Upload a CSV file

The first page on Acho Studio is the “Resources” list page.

Import a CSV file

When importing a CSV file to Acho studio. You have 2 options: 1. import a local file. 2. import a file from a shared folder.

  1. Import a local file

A local csv. file can be imported by simply selecting it from your local folder. After the file's path has been located, a preview would pop up. Be aware to choose the correct delimiter for you file. We support comma, tab, semicolon, and pipes. Also, please make sure that you have names/values for each column. Empty column name will throw an error. Once checked, you may upload your csv. file to cloud. You may also upload several csv. files all at once. By clicking the "Upload" button, you will start uploading the file to Acho's server. There is no size limit for the csv. file you want to upload. We support csv. files that exceed terabytes.

2. Import a file from a network folder

A shared network folder is where you may share files on a local area network or company's network. We support sftp for network sharing. Once you input the correct credentials, you will need to select an update schedule that can set the frequency for updating the csv. files on your shared folder.